House of Cards

Previously… on the Chronicles of SuperDaz…..

“Oh no… my calf is sore….. I’m going to have to take some time out” <cut to close up of a sad face with the piano tune that features on the end credits of the Incredible Hulk>.

So, week 1 of marathon training didn’t end well which meant that week 2 of marathon training was now in the balance… and by in the balance, I mean it was kinda screwed!  The calf injury sustained on the previous Thursday had felt a bit better on Monday but was still too sore to contemplate venturing out on any sort of marathon mileage,  so an evening of light stretching was a head of me.

Things felt a bit better on Tuesday and what was a added bonus was that I had a massage appointment at midday so I could get some attention put on it.  After the session it felt a lot better, less tight, less sore… but didn’t want to get too carried away so again, took the evening to do some light stretching (what is “light stretching” anyway???  for me, Tuesday nights light stretching was reaching up for a plate, bending over to get into the fridge and then doing some lunge-walking as I took my ham sandwich and chocolate back to my chair!).

Wednesday was the day to test out the calf, despite sitting down for most of the day (bloody meetings!) I felt ok, not amazing, but ok.  Before venturing out, I went through a lengthy warm up/stretching routine that must’ve taken 40mins and was longer than I was actually out for, then off I went to see how 4 easy miles felt.  The first mile finishes up a slight hill and by then I could feel my calf being worked somewhat and the soreness started to reappear.  To make matters more interesting, my left calf also started to have some sort of sympathy pains with the right and made the whole run very uncomfortable.  I couldn’t wait to get home and off my feet.  I know what will cheer me up after this crappy run, Spurs beating Leicester…. we lose 1-0, bugger!

Waking up on Thursday morning, neither calf was aching so I knew that a calf test number 2 was on the cards for the evening.  Same approach as Tuesday with a lengthy set of stretches and then I was away, with the target of running at a 7:45 per mile pace.  First mile felt good, so pushed on a little, 2nd mile also felt good.. no further “phantom pains” in the left calf either.  Miles 3 and 4 were also pretty comfortable despite the increase in speed but I was conscious that putting the beans out would be a bad move, being able to run again was great but risking re-injuring myself over a reckless speed attempt was definitely something I didn’t want to do!  Either way, 4 decent miles done without any dramas, woohoo… I’m back in the game!

Saturday was a cold one, woke up with the intention of heading to Walsall parkrun but after defrosting the car and then, whilst heading over there, realising that my usual “late for parkrun” erratic driving would probably not agree with the icy roads and that I’d probably end up parked in someone’s garden…or worse, someone’s lounge…

I decided to abort and head to Kingsbury parkrun instead (which is a lot closer to me than Walsall).  Kingsbury was busy, busy-busy! The had to delay the start due to the volume of people turning up from other parkruns that had been cancelled that morning.  As a result of this, I had to park about half a mile away from the start line and, with the other late comers, jog up to the start line which by then was empty as they’d already set off!  It was very “stop & starty” for the 1st mile due to the volume of people on the icy and muddy course, plus with the sun being quite low as well it was actually quite difficult to see at times…. or at least that’s the excuse I used when I ran into the back of a woman (#one).

All was going well until I rolled my ankle in the mud on the 2nd lap, fortunately as I’d tied my shoes up whilst driving, they weren’t very tight and had sufficient movement in them for me to adjust my foot and avoid any damage… but this did shake me up somewhat as I thought straight away “Ahh f&*k.. not another injury!!?”.

Managed to get around the rest of the course safely and had my pride dented along with a fitness wake up call as I failed to be able to outpace a chap in a sprint finish where, based on appearance, I should have been able to beat him.. hmph…..cue the negative thoughts!

Sunday was a hangover day, a day to feel tired and terrible in a circle of the usual self loathing regret that a day after the evening beers greets you with. Everything seemed to ache and before I knew it, the day had gone…no running for me and I wasn’t sure that I actually wanted to go out anyway.  This was the point that you begin to doubt yourself, whether you could actually achieve (or even wanted to) the sub 3hr marathon…I felt like all of the planning, all of the hype had been built like a house of cards…beautifully crafted but just takes one small breeze to take it all away.  Did I really want to see my cards fall so easily?

The answer here was a resounding “no” but it took the obligatory tweet out for me to read the nonsense that was going through my head (also lots of messages of support which were appreciated!) and to realize that I was simply hungover and had taken a few days off running….it’s not the end of the world so stop being dick about it. Message received.

The classic “woe is me” tweet

A strange end to a strange week from a running perspective ….man, this weeks update is depressing isn’t it!? Hopefully I can correct this for week 3 when the new game starts! 👍

NB – since writing this I just wanted to reflect back on something from the Parkrun, its not for me to judge other runners and just assume I can beat them, this is a DarkDaz thought which shall be retracted. We’re all on our own journeys here so there’s no need for me to overlay mine on anyone else. If you work hard to get results then well done, you deserve it and don’t let anyone tell you anything otherwise!



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